Iain Campbell is a Glasgow based portrait painter, and is about to begin a 4-month role as Artist-in-Residence at St George’s Tron Church of Scotland.



‘Curves’, Group Exhibition (2015, Thistle Gallery, Glasgow)

‘A Closer Look’, Solo Exhibition (2014, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh)

‘Man of Sorrows’, Solo Exhibition (2013, St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow)


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  1. Hi Ian – was speaking to you in the Tron today (Friday 30th). Hadn’t realised it was you who’d done the Man of Sorrows exhibition in St Mary’s which I saw at the time and was impressed with.best wishes for your work.

  2. Hi Iain, can I ask you how you became the artist in residence at the Tron Church? Is it a position that they have on a regular basis or was it a one-off?

    1. Hi Penny, The church got initial funding for a pilot project, which ran from September to January; they interviewed a few folks and appointed me, with the potential to extend the post if the pilot was successful. We’re in the middle of applying for further funds to continue the work just now. We’re hoping to have funding in place for the summer to get going again.

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